Test Service


1. KOLAS Certification Test Service
WISEautomotive has been recognized by KOLAS(Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) for the technical competence of recognized areas and scope in accordance with KS Q ISO/IEC 17025 and the appropriateness of the quality management system of testing institutes. It is an internationally recognized testing institute.

KOLAS has entered into an agreement with the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation(ILAC) for the use of the International Accredited Certification Mark and the Mutual Recognition Agreement(MRA). Therefore, it is now possible to mark the accreditation mark of the accredited laboratories in the test scores issued by the Korean KOLAS accredited laboratories. Since the test certificate with the international accreditation mark is used in 37 countries including the USA, Japan, Germany, and the UK, domestic companies can export without having to get test report from overseas. It can reduce the cost and time of duplication test and calibration as well as improving export competitiveness.

Environment and Reliability Test Field
Performance evaluation of parts during temperature and humidity test and test
Vibration durability test of automobile, electronics, sensor, mechanical parts
Resonance point detection and endurance test
Durability test of mixed environment of temperature and humidity

Accepted Standard
KS E IEC 60068-2-30, KS E IEC 60068-2-38, KS C IEC60068-2-78, KS C IEC60068-2-1, KS R 1034, MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-810G

Proceeding Procedure
Consultation and application - Test contract - Test progress - Analyze test results and prepare test report - Issuance of test report

2. ITMS Consulting and Building Service
ITMS is a system that automatically saves test results and generates test reports automatically through the execution of test plans and test procedures. We analyze the customer's processes and offer services to present appropriate solutions to our customer and build up ITMS. Reducing human errors in test reports and reducing review and monitoring time can improve the efficiency of test work and equipment use and improve the reliability of quality testing.

ITMS Service Function
Efficiency of testing through integrated management and operation of test work
Sample Management: Using Bar Code System to manage sample location and manufacturing information
Test management: Accurate equipment design and scheduling using real-time equipment usage status
Test operation: Real-time monitoring and information input using Bar Code System
Automatic generation of test reports: Automate test reports by sharing information with PCs and mobile terminals

3. Test Agency Service
We provide testing services to evaluate the reliability of products under development or production under various environmental conditions.

Testing Agency Service
ES/MS(Hyundai/Kia automotive electrical equipment test standard)
ES(Engineering Standard): All required specifications for performance and environment, manufacturing method, identification method, and communication required for product design
MS(Material Standard): All required specifications for material composition, coating, plating, etc.

Main Specifications
ES(Engineering Standard): ES95400-10(Environmental Test for Automotive Electronics)
MS(Material Standard): MS210-05(Plastic molding), MS210-06(Plastic molding)

4. Testing Staff Dispatch Service
We dispatch specialist personnel in the development and verification process for the tasks that require expertise or use intangible assets within the company to enable professionalism and confidentiality.
Key services areas include the creation of design and code verification during development, as well as work within WISEautomotive's core technology area.
As of 2018, we have been involved in the development and verification process of SW design, SW verification, and controller testing.

Introduction to Test Service

KOLAS Certification Test Center Operation, Test Automation Projects and Consulting

Business Overview Business related to vehicle controller verification service
Test Center Scale Ochang in Korea, presently 876㎡, 70 units of test equipment
Test Service Hyundai Mobis consignment service and domestic/overseas test service(KOLAS certification)
Automation Project and Consulting Test management automation project development and consulting(ITMS operation)

What is KOLAS(Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme)?

KOLAS is an accredited system that officially recognizes that meets legal or international standards has the ability to test a specific field by allowing an assessor with specialized qualifications to evaluate the quality system and technical capability of the testing laboratory. Thus, it is a system that officially recognizes the quality system and testing ability of the testing laboratory and allows the test results to be internationally accepted and the reliability of the analysis laboratory is recognized.

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