R&D Service


1. Advanced Technology Development Service
We develop new products or new technologies planned by our customers either individually or in cooperation with our clients.
Through this service we provide the development of pure advanced technology to confirm the possibility and effect of introducing new technology, and the development of mass production technology for mass production application. Advanced Technology Development Service help customers to save time and money in developing new products and new technologies.

The key technology areas of WISEautomotive are the in-vehicle network area including power supply and communication inside the car, Hardware and software area of ​​the controller(ECU) applied to the car, and image-based ADAS area through the camera.

Design of power distribution and grounding system for stable power supply in vehicle
Development of Smart Junction Box in advance and standardization of ECU hardware Modular design development
Development of image-based BSD, and development of Ez Parking technology that can check the surroundings of a car with one camera.

2. Trouble Shooting Service
We provide a service to analyze the cause of unidentified or unsettled problems occurring in the mass production of the customer and to suggest solutions. Through this, customers can obtain objective analysis results of third parties and utilize them to improve intrinsic problems or to respond to external issues. In addition, it usually takes a lot of time and money to identify the cause. It can be done through an external professional company, so that the human resources of the customer can be focused on the productive activity of the customer.

Identify the causes of unstable operation of the controller in the vehicle and to develop a power and ground system improvement plan that can improve it.
Identify the causes of communication instability between the car and the external system in the charging system and draw up a system improvement plan that can improve the instability.
Identify the causes of bad controller failures and to improve them.

3. Dispatch Service
We dispatch specialist personnel in the development and verification process for the tasks that require expertise or use intangible assets within the company to enable professionalism and confidentiality.
Key services areas include the creation of design and code verification during development, as well as work within WISEautomotive's core technology area.
As of 2018, we have been involved in the development and verification process of SW design, SW verification, and controller testing.

4. Consulting Service
We analyze market and technical trends according to customer's request to plan new products and new technologies and analyze technical trends and capacity for some new products, new technologies or new suppliers designated by customers.
We provide services that offer the right solution to our customers. In addition, we provide process consulting service that systematize the development process within your company.

Consulting company selection that can best reflect customers' needs when newly introduced in-vehicle communication network
Part selection consulting that can reflect key function stability of part and customer's function properly in core component selection process
In-vehicle network consulting that determines the optimal communication method in the development process of in-vehicle controller
Process consulting for structured harness design, Efficient development process proposal consulting for customers handling various products
The consulting for development of a next-generation in-vehicle network technologies and technology roadmap proposals.

Introduction to R&D

WISEautomotive has vision-based ADAS technologies, embedded system technologies for vehicles, and in-vehicle network and architecture technologies. We provides R&D services in related fields according to customer's requests.
Automotive embedded system technology means hardware and software development of ECUs used in vehicles, modular and platformed hardware design, and layered and modular software design techniques. Along with ECU development, we have secured technology for ECU verification. In-vehicle network and architecture technologies means the in-vehicle network analysis and design techniques represented by CAN, as well as noise reduction and blocking technology through vehicle wiring and grounding. Vison-based ADAS technology means the recognition technology that informs driver about surrounding situation through analysis and processing of camera acquired image, and the display technology that provides various screens to support safer driving.

Historical contributions are as follows: We have been stabilizing the ground system of the SCOUPE model of Hyundai Motor Company in 1994. In 1999, we introduced CAN to Hyundai Motor Company and applied it to mass production of the Grand Carnival from 2004. In 2001, We have developed an engine ECU for the Hyundai CLICK Hybrid model.
In 2003, we redesigned the Hyundai NF Sonata to improve the efficiency of the ground system. In 2004, the same ground level was met even when the existing ground points were reduced by half, and mass production was applied. In 2007, we developed a Smart Junction Box for mass production of Hyundai Motor Company, mass-produced it through our customers, and is now used in most Hyundai vehicles. In 2009, we succeeded in developing the world's second camera-based BSD(Blind Spot Detection). In 2013, we developed the world's first Ez Parking technology and sold it as a solution in 2014, and developed and exhibited Ethernet-based vehicle E/E new architecture.  In 2017, the Ez Parking solution has been installed in Renault Samsung QM3, and Renault Samsung is expanding its application to other vehicle models in Korea.

Embedded System

Embedded system technology refers to the development and standardization of ECU hardware and software. It includes the analysis of a consulting system analysis, the design of requirements and the design of control algorithms. It is also a technology to design modularized, platformed ECU hardware and to design platform application technology and modularized software. Verification technology of vehicle software is also included.


Research and Development Project Title Period
Development of Engine Control Logic Applied with Electronic Throttle Control 2004. 12 ~ 2005. 11
Module Pool Generation for Future Settlement of Module Based Audio Development 2007. 07 ~ 2008. 05
Development Smart Junction Box 2007. 11 ~ 2008. 11
Research for System Optimization and Module Based Method Application for AV System Development 2008. 06 ~ 2009. 05
Development of Hardware Platform for Chassis-Safety Control System 2009. 01 ~ 2010. 12
Development of Preliminary ECU for Chassis-Safety Control System(Active Seat Belt) 2010. 07 ~ 2010. 06
Modularization of Integrated Hardware Platform for Chassis-Safety Control System(MDPS, ESC) 2010. 09 ~ 2011. 04
Modularization and Standardization of Multimedia(M/M) H/W 2010. 04 ~ 2012. 11
Development of an Intelligent Cockpit Module 2013. 11 ~ 2017. 08
Development of SoC and Embedded S/W for Multi-domain Automotive E/E Architecture 2014 .06 ~ 2018. 05
Development of an ECU for Solar Sunroof System 2014. 11 ~ 2018. 10


It is a leading technology for in-vehicle network design including Ethernet and CAN-FD for in-vehicle network analysis and design. It includes noise reduction and isolation technologies, evaluation and optimization techniques for electromagnetically compatible(EMC) and electrical stability related to wiring/grounding, and wiring diagram standardization and simulation tool technologies.


Research and Development Project Title Period
Research on the Method of Wiring Noise Reduction Concerning EMI/EMC 2005. 05 ~ 2006. 04
Development of Simulation Tool for Noise Evasion 2006. 05 ~ 2007. 05
Research on Noise Reduction of High Voltage Equipment Installed in HEV 2006. 12 ~ 2007. 10
Development of Core Parts with High Efficiency of Vehicle Power-train 2006. 12 ~ 2009. 10
Research on Evaluating Safety of Hydrogen Vehicle 2007. 12 ~ 2009. 07
Development of Method for Evaluating Dynamic Electrical Safety of Electric Vehicle And Charging Station 2011. 07 ~ 2014. 06
Preliminary Development of Wireless Communication System for Vehicle 2011. 04 ~ 2012. 03
Development of Innovation Network and IBDC(Including Innovative Vehicle E/E Architecture Technology) 2012. 08 ~ 2015. 01
Development of Ethernet Backbone Tool and VSU 2012. 10 ~ 2014. 09
Development of an Ethernet Backbone Dualization 2013 .07~ 2015. 06
Development of an Evaluation Module for Verifying the LKAS Evaluation Technology 2013. 10 ~ 2016. 09
Development of an Evaluation Technology for the Stability of V2X Communications 2013. 10 ~ 2016. 09

Vision Based ADAS

This is a display development technology that supports the driver through analysis and processing of camera acquisition images. It includes PanoramaView using real-time image processing and stereo vision technology. It also includes vehicle vision based BSD, 4D TimeVision(Ez Parking) technology or vehicle sensor based embedded system technology.


Research and Development Project Title Period
Development of Camera Based BSD(Blind Spot Detection) System 2008. 11 ~ 2009. 10
Development of Camera Based LDW(Lane Departure Warning) System 2008. 11 ~ 2009. 10
Development of Camera Based BSD System Application Methodology 2010. 09 ~ 2011. 05
Development of LDW System Capable of recognition of Bott’s Dot 2010. 09 ~ 2011. 03
Development of Panorama View System and Stereo Vision System 2011. 01 ~ 2013. 12
Development of 4D Time Vision(Ez Parking) 2011. 01 ~ 2013. 12
Development of WISE Around View Monitor 2014. 01 ~ 2015. 06
Development of Ez Parking(Front and Rear, etc.) 2015. 01 ~ 2016. 12
Development of PanoramaView 2015. 08 ~ 2017. 07

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