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Ez Parking


Ez Parking

It is a rear view display system that supports ground view which shows underneath the vehicle by merging previous captured images when the vehicle moves backward.


Real-time view output with top view

Identify dangerous objects and terrain below the vehicle

Clear top view on night view

Assisted driver parking assistance for forward and backward parking

Sharp guidelines

Strengthening safety through obstacle recognition

Ez Parking 1 Channel: Parking with one rear camera

Ez Parking 2 Channel: Supports parking with two front and rear cameras


       <Normal View of  Ez Parking>                      <Example of Manhole below the Vehicle>

         <Night View of Ez Parking>                              <Example of Obstacle Recognition> 

Products & Services

Renault Samsung QM3, SM7 and Clio model with Ez Parking technology

Ez Parking Products

Ez Parking SDK(Library, Manual)

Ez Parking H/W Design(BOM, Circuit Diagram, PCB)

Demonstration car installation service

Ez Parking Development Technical Support


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