Subject AVM for Wireless charging

AVM for Wireless charging

AVM for Wireless charging 

Since, by using the four cameras installed on the vehicle to show the top view of the vehicleas well as showing the bottom of the vehicle including WEVC(Wireless EV Charging) pad, the driver can see the surroundings of the car at a glance, this system supports the driver for a safe driving and a comfort charging.


Supports accurate surroundings through 4 cameras

Supports identification of dangerous objects and terrain on the floor of the vehicle with a top view when parking

Perfect image with camera distortion correction technology and image synthesis technology

Applicable in domestic and overseas models

Supports view mode services while driving

Detect dangerous elements around my car while driving

  <View of Forward Driving>                                          <View of Backward Driving>

       <View when Turning Right>                                          <View when Turning Left>


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